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White Raven Film Catering are passionate about our world and the environment. We recognize the importance of lowering carbon emissions within the industry and the part that we play in that. We aim to conduct our business so as to have as small an environmental impact as we possibly can through applying a range of policies specifically designed to reduce our carbon footprint. Going forward we are committed to improving our business model and methods to ensure a healthier future for us all.

Reducing Waste

As food waste is a huge contributor to greenhouse gases, not to mention budgets, White Raven Film Catering donates all of it's excess meals to The Huggard charity in Cardiff to be distributed to the homeless. We also have our waste oil collected by Olleco to be re-used and turned into bio fuel. 

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Sustainable Practice

Food sources are chosen with consideration for our environmental impact. We try, as much as is possible, to source our food locally to reduce our carbon footprint and from companies that use Fairtrade.  We also always offer vegetarian and vegan options on our daily menus thus reducing the carbon impact that is required for the production of meat

The Environment

From cups to cutlery, we aim to limit the use of non-biodegradable and plastic wherever possible. All of our food packaging is ethically sourced and consists of biodegradable ‘veg ware’, a product made from plants using renewable, low carbon, recycled, or reclaimed materials, which are designed to be commercially compostable with food waste.

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